Incorporated Management Committee (IMC)

Date of Establishment: 2 May 2014


Board of Managers w.e.f. 1 September 2020


Chairman:    Fr. WAN Kwok Kwong Timothy (Supervisor)
School Sponsoring Body Managers:

Mr. CHAN Yuk Lun Bernard

Fr. KWAN Kit Tong John

Mr. KWOK Chi Tak Philip

Mr. LAU Kiu Kai Francis

Ms. WOO Wai See Alice

Ms. YEUNG Lai San Dora

Alternate School Sponsoring Body Manager:  Ms. YIP Chun Yin
Alumni Manager:Ms. CHENG Chi Ying Camus
Parent Manager:Ms. TANG Wai Sze
Alternate Parent Manager:Ms. LAM Yi Catherine
Teacher Manager:Ms. NG Po Yi
Alternate Teacher Manager: Ms. AU YEUNG Mei Yee Mandy
Independent Manager: Ms. CHAN Mei Yee Fiona
Ex-Officio Manager:Ms. CHAU Suk Man Eva (Principal)


School Organization Chart
School-based After-School Learning and Support Programmes