「2022/23 學年已開設科目及其教學語言的最新資料,請參閱中學概覽2021/22」




Leung Shek Chee College S1 Discretionary Places Interview (Online)

梁式芝書院中一自行分配學位面試 (網上進行)


As the epidemic situation remains severe, to reduce the risk of infection and safeguard both candidates’ and teachers’ health, the Interview for S1 Discretionary Places will be conducted online.

The updated interview date and time, ZOOM link, ID & password will be notified individually.  Please check carefully and attend the ZOOM interview on time.

In addition, please be reminded that all applicants are required to submit TWO video clips on or before 25 February 2022 through email to  Please give full name of applicant and the application number.


因應 2019 冠狀病毒病疫情仍然嚴峻,為降低感染風險及保障考生和老師的健康,本校中一自行分配學位面試將改為網上進行

更新後的網上面試日期、時間、ZOOM結、ID 和密碼將會個別通知,敬請各考生留意手機或電郵,並依時出席面試。

此外,每位申請人必須於 2022225日或之前提交兩段錄像短片,透過電子郵件發送至 請在電子郵件中提供申請人的全名及申請編號。