Religious Affairs

Religious Affairs Committee (2017-2018)




Miss Zita Tam (i/c)


Miss Veronica Fung

Miss Adeline Au Yeung


Miss Christine Poon,

Miss Bonnie Chan


Miss Elly Tse

Miss Juliana Chan

 Miss Winnie Ng (Pastoral Care Worker)

Aims of Religious Affair Committee

1.   Develop an awareness of spiritual and moral issues in life experiences

2.   Develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity

3.   Be able to reflect on their own experiences and to develop a personal response to fundamental questions of life

4.   Be able to serve the community



V19-12-2017 Catholic Students' Retreat

V18-11-2017 Fair Trade Workshop - Leader Trining and Kick off ceremony

V14-11-2017 Labyrinth

V13-11-2017 Faith Garden Saints

V05-11-2017 Caritas Bazaars

V30-10-2017 Fair Trade Coffee Workshop

V23-10-2017 Faith Gaeden - Team Building

V20-10-2017 Fair Trade Training Workshop 

V19-10-2017 Fair Trade Workshop - Orange farmer

V09-10-2017 Orientation of Faith Garden

V13-09-2017 I am the Sheep of God

V03-04-2017 Reconiliation

V22-02-2017 Gratitude day

V16-01-2017 聖經大電視

V14-01-2017 Catholic students' pilgrimage 朝聖一天學習團

V21-12-2016 Christmas Mass

V19-12-2016 聖人教主

V09-12-2016 Catholic students' Retreat and Mass 

V08-09-2016 School Opening Liturgy : Living the Truth in Love

V12~13-07-2016 Faith Garden Committee Member Training Camp 2016-2017

V8~10-07-2016 Student Gospel Camp 2016

V16-03-2016 Talk on Compesated dating

V07-03-2016 Passover Meal (Faith Garden)

V26-02-2016 Gratitude Day

V22-02-2016 Way of the Cross (Faith Garden)

V18-01-2016 Reconcilation (Faith Garden)

V21-12-2015 X'mas Mass

V16-11-2015 Team Building Activity

V10-11-2015 Caritas Bazaar

V16-10-2015 RE Talk on Mass Media

V10-09-2015 2015-2016 Faith Garden Orientation Day

V23-05-2014 Talk on Homosexuality

V10-05-2014 香港培聖會慶祝金禧聯校推廣聖召活動 – 天主教中學聖召推廣計劃

V(07~09)-05-2014 Catholic Week

V05-05-2014 End of Term Mass

V14-04-2014 Passover Meal

V12-04-2014 Visit to the Salvation Army Chuk Yuen Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens

V26-03-2014 Talk on Compensated Dating

V17-03-2014 Way of the Cross

V10-03-2014 Talk on Alzheimer's Disease & Hunger Meal

V27-02-2014 Gratitude Day

V18-01-2014 Church Visit

V20-12-2013 Chrismas Mass

V02-12-2013 Talk on the Handicapped person

V07-10-2013 Faith Garden Orientation

V26-10-2011 Oxfam 樂施會互動劇場

V23-11-2011 Talk on Poverty by Oxfam

V25-11-2011 Visit to Rosary Church Kowloon

V07-12-2011 Year of Laity F.1 Talk by Diocesan Youth Commission Hong Kong

V19-01-2012 Hunger Meal by Orbis

V20-02-2012 Passover Meal

V31-03-2012 Visit to St. Mary's Home for the Aged

V(7~10)-05-2012 Catholic Week

V09-05-2012 Year of Laity F.2 Talk by Diocesan Youth Commission Hong Kong

V16-05-2012 Year of Laity F.3 Talk by Diocesan Youth Commission Hong Kong

V04-06-2012 Catholic Teachers's Retreat at Wellspring JMJ Retreat Centre