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Personal Information Collection Statement


  1. (學生及家長) Leung Shek Chee College (“the School”) is committed to observing the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance so that the privacy of individual student and their parents and/or guardians would be guaranteed. The School would adopt reasonable and practical steps to protect and process all personal information, according to and in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance regarding data privacy, confidentiality and security.
    梁式芝書院(下稱「本校」)承諾遵守《個人資料(私隱)條例》,以保護個人資料私隱。為此,本校會採取切實可行步驟,確保嚴格依照 《個人資料(私隱)條例》有關私隱、保密及保安條文的標準,處理一切個人資料。
  2. Purpose of Personal Information Collection 個人資料收集目的 All personal data collected in the application forms of the school will only be used for processing the related application.
  3. Accuracy of personal data個人資料的準確性 The School will adopt proper procedures to maintain the accuracy, integrity and relevancy of personal data collected at a reasonable level and in compliance with the purpose(s) of the personal data being collected. The School will ensure personal data of information providers are accurate and up-to-date. However, this relies much on the information provider to provide the School with accurate data and notify the School of any errors or changes in such information.
  4. Transfer of personal data轉移個人資料
    Unless prior authorization is received, the School will not transfer any personal data to others. The School may disclose and/or transfer personal data, only for the specific purpose(s) made known to the information provider upon (or before) the collection of personal data, to Education Bureau, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, government departments for legal collection of information, our School Sponsoring Body (mainly for the purpose of educational research and data analysis), etc. Any third party to whom the personal data is disclosed and/or transferred to has a legal obligation to keep such personal data confidential. 未經事先授權,本校絶對不會將收集或保存的個人資料轉移。本校只會根據收集個人資料時(或之前),或已向資料提供者預先聲明收集資料的指定用途,把相關的個人資料,披露及/或轉移給教育局、考試及評核局、合法收集資料的政府部門、本校的辦學團體(主要為教育研究用途的數據分析)等。任何第三方一旦獲得本校披露及/或轉移資料提供者的個人資料,均在法律上負有責任,須將該等個人資料保密。
  5. Access and update of personal data查閱及改正資料 Information provider and his/her authorizer has the right to access, update or amend his/her personal data. Please contact the School General Office for details.

This Policy on Personal Information Collection and Data Privacy was approved by the IMC on 20 June 2019.