Aesthetic and Religious

Clubs / Societies

Programme Description

Art Club

The club enhances students' knowledge and appreciation of art. It stimulates students' creativity and promotes arts education through a variety of activities.

English Drama Club

Members can experience the challenge of making a production on their own. They have to write their own scripts, make props and learn how to act on stage.

Chinese Drama Club

Students joining the club have more opportunities to understand and appreciate drama. They further develop generic skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Magic Club

Members will be taught to perform magic and practise it during visits to the elderly/children homes and lunch activities.

Dance Club

The club introduces Chinese dance and culture. It develops a sense of arts appreciation by teaching steps and rhythmic movements of different minority groups as well as traditional Chinese dance.

Gardening Club

Students are expected to apply scientific knowledge in growing plants. Members can develop an aesthetic appreciation of plants and practise the art of horticulture.

Green Environment Club

The purpose of the Green Environment Club is to increase awareness of the relationship between human actions and our environment, educate the school community of steps that can be taken to improve our environment, and to encourage responsible environmental behaviors. We inspire, motivate and give students opportunities to build leadership skills.

Campus TV (Chinese)

The club enhances students’ interest in and the knowledge of media production. Students’ diversified learning needs and communication skills are being promoted through the production of Campus TV programmes.

Origami Club

Students learn different ways of paper-folding. The art of paper-folding helps them to develop their aesthetic sense.

Chinese Calligraphy Club

Members practise Chinese calligraphy and learn about the related culture and arts.

Western Calligraphy Club

The club promotes students' interest in western calligraphy.

Handicraft Club

The club serves as a platform allowing students to express themselves through different forms of art. All products are carefully handmade to express members’ creativity, originality as well as individuality.

Ladies’ Corner

The Club aims to equip students to be more elegant and better develop their potentials.

Faith Garden

The club is open to both Catholic and non-Catholic students, and aims at cultivating and enriching the Christian values of love, respect and service.