Academic and Intellectual

Clubs / Societies

Programme Description

Chinese Club

The club promotes students' interest in learning Chinese Language and enables them to appreciate Chinese culture.

English Club

Students participate in fun activities using English in school and real-life situations.

Chinese History Club

The aims of the club are to strengthen students’ national identity awareness and to study some important topics in Chinese History.

Geography Club

The club aims at developing students’ interest in geographical issues and problems. Students will develop abilities in appreciating the beauty of nature and exploring the mysteries of the Earth.

History Club

The aim of the club is to arouse students' interest in History through different educational activities.

Mathematics & Science Club

The club offers extra-curricular opportunities for junior and senior students to enjoy mathematics and science learning.

Economics Club

The club organizes different activities such as visits, video-watching of contemporary issues, group discussions and games so as to further widen students' understanding of social and economic issues.

Careers Group

This group aims at letting students know more about the different study pathways and job opportunities and to provide them with up-to-date information.

Current Affairs Club

The club aims to enhance students’ social awareness and critical thinking via discussions of current affairs, display of news-corner and inter-class news contests.

Astronomy Club

The aims of the club are to promote students’ interest in and to enhance their knowledge of astronomy.

Civics Education Group

The group develops students’ sense of social awareness, civic responsibility and understanding of the community.

Japanese Culture

The Cub aims to provide opportunities for students to learn Japanese language and unique culture.